Playstation Portable (psp 2000) Contains 1,200 Mah

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PlayStation Portable (PSP 2000) Contains 1,200 mAh, Processor: MIPS R4000 333 MHz, Graphic card: 166 Mhz and more.

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PlayStation Portable (PSP 2000)

Moving quickly to the PSP 2000 also known as the PSP Slim or Lite. This model was launched in September 2007 and has been a very successful system. Once again, we will start with the PSP 2000 PRO. Well, first of all, the PSP 2000, no wonder why they call it this. The PSP 2000 is about 2mm thinner than the 2000 and weights 23g lighter. 2000 also sees the part, it has a kind of brilliant effect that sets it off making it look all the time. AV cables can be purchased in stores or on and enjoy your movies on a large screen. Not only this, 2000 has many new additions as the Skype feature. If you own a handset you can call other Skype users wirelessly through the WI-FI connection and you can talk to everyone from all over the world. When buying a headset, you should receive a remote control with it, All Headphones Require A Remote. If you buy a headset for a PSP 2000 but want to use it in 2000, simply place a PSP 2000 remote into the headphone jack instead of 2000. RAM in 2000 has doubled, meaning if you're on the network, you will not get those annoying messages like 'Conserve memory' or 'The page not be loaded'. In addition, you will see that the games will run faster and smoother, the same will happen when you are on the main page. The battery also in 2000 has been increased which gives you more playing time if you are a daily user on the PSP. Another novelty is the TV output. 2000 has the ability to connect to your TV, cables can be purchased at most stores.

The quality is great and your PSP is on the big screen! Make the most of the video games and movies, enjoy them on the big screen. Looking at the 2000 thickness (at the top) we can see that it is slightly thinner, the headset jack has also moved. Available at at best price at all over in Pakistan, Quality Is Our priority, you Will Get What will You See so order it now and got it at your doorstep.


  • Brand: Sony
  • Product Type: Playstation (PSP)
  • Model No: 2000
  • Battery Capacity: 1
  • 200 mAh
  • Audio battery life: 8 hours
  • Video battery life: 4 hours
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Processor: MIPS R4000 333 MHz
  • Graphic card: 166 Mhz
  • Video Memory: 2 MB
  • Storage: 32 MB
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b
  • USB 2.0 (mini-B)
  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
  • Screen resolution: 480x272
  • External memory: Memory Stick PRO Duo
  • Weight: 6.66 oz (189 g)
  • You can play your PSP games
  • Watch movies in very good quality and listen to music

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