Vegetable Cutter Smart & Best - WF - 07

Sku : vege-33-7900

Smart Vegetable Cutter WF-07 - can cut Vegetable as you want in the most efficient and easy-to-use with handle he has help to cut in a fine and uniform way.

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Vegetable Cutter Smart & Best - WF - 07

West point Smart & Best Vegetable Cutter WF-07 allows you to use the safety shield handle to hold food and move it through the blade of your choice. It can be used for chipping for example, you can make chips potatoes, slice vegetables and hard root fruits, etc. He also cuts lemons, potatoes, onions, all kinds of lunch meats, fruits and vegetables. Can also be used for decorating and grille. So get one to save your valuable time.WF-07- Smart Vegetable Cutter is available in


  • Brand: West point
  • Product code: WF-07
  • Harmless
  • Easy Cutting
  • Sharp Blades
  • Brand Warranty

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